2015 Human Rights Reports: Laos

ຣາຍລະອຽດຂອງບົດຣາຍງານ ເຣຶ່ອງ ສິດທິມະນຸສຍ໌ ໃນ ສປປລາວ ຂອງສົກປີ 2015 ທີ່ຜ່ານມາ -ເຜີຍແຜ່ April 13, 2016 -ສະບັບສົມບູນ EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Lao People’s Democratic Republic is ruled by its only constitutionally legitimate party, the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party (LPRP). The most recent National Assembly election in 2011 was not free and fair. The LPRP selected all candidates, and voting is […]

A much-needed correction in Thailand’s erratic course

Next month, the United States will host a summit in California with the 10 ASEAN nations. The White House says the Sunnylands meeting will advance the administration’s rebalance to Asia and the Pacific, and reinforce what U.S. ambassador to ASEAN Nina Hachigian calls, “a new normal.” But despite the attention that breathless headlines about the […]

A Thai Man Faces Nearly 40 Years in Jail for Insulting the King’s Dog

A Thai Man Faces Nearly 40 Years in Jail for Insulting the King’s Dog Thai military courts said he wrote “sarcastic” posts on social media A Thai man faces up to 37 years in prison for mocking the king’s dog over social media, an apparent violation of Thailand’s stringent laws against insults aimed at the […]

Analysts: Beijing Parade a ‘Bazaar’ of Stolen Technology

BEIJING— The massive military parade in Beijing this week showcased China’s latest weapons, unveiling many to the public for the first time. But weapons experts say the systems on display showed hallmarks of China’s reputation for stealing technology and adapting it to its requirements. The show involved long, medium and short range missiles, a range […]

As the sea becomes more militarised, the risks of conflict grow

FOR years China has sought to divide and rule in the South China Sea. It worked hard to prevent the countries challenging it over some or all of its absurdly aggrandising territorial claims in the sea from ganging up against it. So when tensions with one rival claimant were high, it tended not to provoke […]

At U.N. climate talks, growing frustration at ‘snail’s pace’

The “snail’s pace” of progress on an agreement to combat climate change caused widening unease at U.N. negotiations on Friday, with time fast running out before a Paris summit at which a global accord is due to be reached. The United Nations said the talks were on track for the Nov. 30-Dec. 11 summit after […]

Australia Hopes to Join India-US-Japan Naval Drills

NEW DELHI— Australia wants to join India, the United States and Japan in joint naval exercises in the Indian Ocean, widening participation in multilateral drills as China’s influence in the region grows. Australian Defense Minister Kevin Andrews said expanding the exercises to include more countries would help avoid military mistakes in a region where China […]